BilloBot Projekt


Ein experimenteller 3D-Drucker, der fast komplett aus 3D-Druck- und Lasercut-Teilen gebaut werden kann.

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What is BilloBot?
The concept is a quite different approach to FFF 3D printing. It focuses on large build volume and low cost materials as well as ease of understanding, building, maintaining and upgrading. It is meant to be operated by OpenSource electronics and fed with recycled PLA plastics.

So, BilloBot can be afforded, built and operated by everyone! :slight_smile:

Designed especially for makers, it relies heavily on FFF printed and/or lasercut parts which you can produce yourself at your local fablab: No custom metal parts were used, only very few off-the-shelf metal hardware was used. To maximize repeatability, all STL parts were printed from standard PLA on an Ultimaker2 with normal quality settings, so every other well-built printer should somehow be capable of this.

BilloBot is a cartesian 3D printer that runs on a modular rail-type axis (X), enabling it to have almost unlimited build space in at least one direction. The mechanical parts are all located on a single moving train, while the electronics and power supply are static, connected through a long cable with the train. This X-train has an additional expandable arm that can move the tool head in Y and Z directions.

Therefore, the overall precision of the BilloBot-prints is rather poor and these prints are usable for decoration and experimental arts rather than mechanical or structural parts. In long terms, higher precision with same or less material usage should be the main goal. For now, the initialization of the printing process is just half-automatic, as the z-axis is adjusted by hand.

Please do not understand this project as hi-precision, but as an opportunity to understand the DOs and DON’Ts of 3d printing without the danger of destroying expensive components.


The main frame holds the stepper motors, the ball bearings and the Y-arm.

X Axis

Y Axis

Z Axis

RAMPS RepRapDiscount
ATX power supply

Modified Marlin


Cura Settings:
BilloCura_01.ini (10,9 KB)


Übersicht der 3D-Drucker